Biography Part Gowal Gity Co. registered under number 34115 on 05/10/2008 (National ID No.: 10380493200) to manage & coordinate the activities of the company in the mining & trading of metal & non-metal minerals. Besides the management and harmonization of the different units, the aim of the company is constant development by finding and creating new opportunities based on mining, processing & trading potentials in Iran. The main activities of our company are focused in below areas: Manufacturing of High Carbon Ferro Chrome Antimony mining (Sirzar Antimony Mine) Fluorspar mining (Simorgh Fluorspar Mine) Our trading activities are exporting of our products include High Carbon Ferrochrome, antimony ore and Fluorspar. Directors Managing Director: Reza Nakhaei (MSc Physical Chemistry) Chief on Board: Mahdi Sharifi (MSc Chemical Engineering) Commercial Director: Amir Aghaei (MSc Inorganic Chemistry)

Personal Info

  •   +98 51 38920200
  •  Head office add. : No. 697, Vakilabad Blvd., Mashhad, Iran
  •   info@partgowal.com.


Head office add. : No. 697, Vakilabad Blvd., Mashhad, Iran Tel : +98 51 38920200 Fax : +98 51 38920300 Email : info@partgowal.com Let us know your comments or your inquires, we will contact you as soon as possible